Why Choose Premier Logistics?

We are well established within the industry, supplying transport and warehousing services to many blue-chip local and international brands

When you work with Premier Logistics Solutions, you can be sure to get:

  • Unmatched Expertise in providing supply chain, transport and warehousing services for over 50 years.
  • Dependable Safety, know that your goods and SLAs are protected in our hands.
  • Transparent Communication allows you to maintain excellent relationships with your customers.
  • Responsive Flexibility. From custom services to agile changes, we see ourselves as part of your business, so we must respond like it.
  • Specialised knowledge and equipment to ensure that we transport your cargo optimally. We currently specialise in beverage, steel and rubber products transportation.
  • Cutting Edge Technology to drive warehouse, transport & logistics success. This includes sophisticated ERP, WMS, vehicle tracking and monitoring software.
  • Attractive Rates because we know that cost efficiency is essential to effective supply chain management.
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